Review Policy

Review Policy

If you are a author/publicist and you'd like me to do a review of your book, then please email me at .

 I will only respond to the books I'm interested in. If the novel that is sent isn't to my liking, then I won't do a review for it. I don't like doing a completly negative review on novels however if a book is good and just has a few flaws then I will state those.

I will however, feature the book on my blog saying that I received it and read it in the form of my Weekly Sum Ups in the section of Books I Did Not Review.
I don't always review EVERY single book I read. I only do reviews on books that I think people should know about. So therefore you may see a book that I have read but I might have not done a review on.

 That DOESN'T always mean that the book wasn't good. I just picks the books that I want everyone to know about or express my opinion about.

Although I go through books speedy fast, I have just a few specific tastes when it comes to my reading.

  • Must be Y.A. or Middle Grade (MG i.e. Percy Jackson series)
  • Adult genre is ok as long as it has YA elements to it.(i.e. The Host by Stephanie Meyer)
  • No self published books
  • No e-books/pdf formats unless they are GRAPHIC NOVELS. My eyes don't do well and I get dizzy.
That's it. I like all sorts of genres and I have a variety of tastes!

 I'm also cool with giveaways, interviews, guest posts, and anything cool that you might want to share!
If you have any questions or would like to talk to me, please feel free to email me at

Thank you! :)

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