Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book of the Moment: Daughter of the Flames by Zoe Marriott

Daughter of the Flames by Zoe Marriott is a book centered on a 15 going on 16 year old girl named Zira. Zira lives in a "place of god" with her adoptive parent and other people of god live too. I'm not sure when the time frame is for this book but it is defintly wayyyyyy backkkk thennnn. Anyways, the land Zira lives in is ruled by a tyrannical King who is dead set on abolishing all of the Ruan people into being simple workmen. He doesn't want any health or prosperity for the Ruan people. His reputation doesn't get any better because the way he came into power was by creating this HUGE fire that killed and injured many people, including Zira, who has a huge scar running across the left side of her face. It seems that nothing is going to change the way the kingdom is being ruled, until Zira faces a series of events that lead up to her knowing what her true past really is. That maybe she really isn't just some other girl. Maybe she was born for more. She is also falling in love with a guy that should be her enemy. Someone she shouldn't be able to trust but is letting her heart do so. This was definitely not something Zira was prepared for...

This book really wasn't that amazing. It was one of those books where you have nothing else to read and your at the library and this book seems somewhat interesting. Which is what happened to me. SO I suggest this book as a "fill in the time cause I'm bored" kinda book.

I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dimitri and Rose Fan Art

I saw this and I was just like WOOOOWWWW... Whoever drew this has some insane art skills. I think the way everything flows together is gorgeous. I think the person used color pencil. This is just amazing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

City of Fallen Angels book trailer shoot bloopers

Here are the bloopers from the City of Fallen Angels book trailer!

Unedited DSAS

Here is the UNEDITED version of the famous DSAS scene :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Book of the Moment: Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead is the fifth in the series of the, Vampire Academy Series. This time Rose Hathaway has finally graduated into a legit Guardian. She has gotten her official Promise Mark and has passed the Guardian Test with the highest scores in her class. Everything should be good...right? Except not...Dimitri, the love of her life, who was turned into a Strigoi against his will, is now stalking Rose. Sending her letters every week, saying how much he loves her but he is the one who has to kill her. about true love... But Rose might know a way to save Dimitri...without having to kill him. The only problem is she would have hurt someone she loves for her to save Dimiti. Is it worth the risk?
But now Rose and Lissa are shipped off to the royal court so Lissa can learn about the Royal trade and Rose can be assigned to a Royal Morai, even though she wants to protect Lissa out of any of them!
But once again...tough shit happens and Rose is thrusted into something she thought she would never see.

Oooohh very mysterious...
If I say more, the surprise will be taken away and this book, honest to life, has the biggest surprise ever.. This fifth book makes you fall in love with Rose and Dimitri all over again yet shows different love possiblities Rose could have...say like Adrian Ivashkov ;)
Once again some kick ass action goes...some of it even involving the timid Lissa (OMG)...
This book was fantastic, just like every other book in this series. But this book really focuses on the love more than the other books. And Morai Princess, Lissa and Guardian Rose get involved with politics. Now THAT is something to see.
Loved it, read it in a few hours, and jumped with joy. Just the usual amazingness of the Vampire Academy Series! READ THIS SERIES!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book of the Moment: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

Blood Promise, the fourth book in the electrifying Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead, has protagonist, Rose Hathaway traveling all the way across the world to the icy exterior of Russia! After the tragic battle at St. Vladimer's, losing her one true love has made her lose a huge part of herself. The man she loves is now a Strigoi, something that must be destroyed. Destroying Strigois have been engrained her mind since she was little. But can she kill that man she loved. Or maybe still loves...
Braving the Siberian colds, she goes on a manhunt, pined on killing her man turned Strigoi. On the way, she makes a "friend" who really is just as sarcastic and arrgont as Rose, but will lead to Rose to her destination. She also makes other seemingly interesting friends, like a Morai mobster who seems to know a lot about Rose...

Her journey takes a toll on her emotions, always remembering her past and determined and scared for the task she has to complete. But in the end will Rose do it? Or will she join her lover's fate? guess I'm just going to admit this. Yes...I did jump up and down in my room and then proceeded to do 10 push ups because I had too much pent up energy from reading this marvelous book. It was so good that just a few hours ago I had finished Shadow Kiss, I then right away started on Blood Promise. I was so freaking ABSORBED in this book that I finished it so fast. This literally has to be record, even for me!
 I love Rose Hathaway so much. Her determination inspires me. I don't think a book has ever conjured so much emotion out of me like this one did. I cried. I laughed. I shuddered. I screamed...though silently in my head. That would have really concerned my mother. For me books are pure bliss. It's my drug to escape the world. I know that sounds oh so cheezy but it's the truth. And I have to say, Rose's journey has me made me thankful for my addiction for books. Richelle Mead is a down right genius and I am in awe of her writing. Mead has the amazing skill of actually compelling and absorbing you into her writing. This book is definitely her best work I have read so far. In the beginning of the book, I thought things were quite slow and a little boring. Now I realize it is anticaption. Because no one in their right mind could've anticapated what happened in the end of this book. This series has truly become one my favorite.
I recomend very highly, all girls and even guys read this series!

I give it a 6 out 5 stars. Oh ya... I went there.

Book of the Moment: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead is the third in the Vampire Academy series. Once again, Rose Hathaway sweeps you into the mystical world of the Morais and Dhampirs. After having to kill two Strigoi, Rose hasn't been feeling the same. It's changed her in a way. She has been having darker thoughts and her already loud, violent, and impulsive personality, is at it's high. She snaps about everything and just doesn't feel the same. Could it just be stress...or does it have to do with the fact she is starting to see ghosts... and not just any ghost. But someone she feels guilty about...
At least she gets to look forward to her six week "field experience" on being a "guardian".  Each dhampir gets assigned to a Morai and it's their job to protect them while a bunch of staged attacks happen from the Guardians.
But tragedy strikes and Rose gets pulled into the mess of things, ultimately leading to her worst nightmare...losing what she loves most.

In this book, once again, Rose is caught between her love for Dimitri and her duty as being a Guardian for her best friend. In the end...will she have to choose between them?

I swear, I don't think this series can get any better...
This series just get more exciting as it goes. Especially in this one! I'm just surprised on how even more exciting, dangerous, yet amazing things keep happening. And in this book, so much excitment goes on, you forget that it's a book your holding and not your life. Shadow Kiss does have an interesting twist in the end. Just read this series...
It'll freaking change you.

I give it a 5 out of five stars!!!

Fanmade Vampire Academy Trailer

This is the best fanmade trailer I have seen for Vampire Academy!
Since it's being optioned to be made into a movie, I'm showing a little taste of how it might be if they make the movie and we see the trailer! I LOVE Taylor Kitcsh being Dimitri! Taylor embodies him so well! Tom Sturridge also would be a great pick for the role of Christian. I'm not so keen about Odette being Rose though...or the other girl in this "trailer" being Lissa. It's just not how I imagined her...
Oh well, not everyyone is going to pleased with they cast picks. Everyone has a different look of how everyone is in their minds!

Ha enjoy and tell me what you guys think!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Book of the Moment: Frost Bite by Richelle Mead

Frost Bite by Richelle Mead is the second in the series of books, The Vampire Academy. This time Rose Hathaway's love life gets even more complicated. There's achingly hot, Russian, Dimitri. And then there is playful and nice Mason. She knows she can't have both but the one she really wants doesn't seem to want her...
The Strigoi have been setting attacks and now the Academy is not willing to take risks. This winter break they are all going on a mandatory trip to a suppppperrr nice ski Lodge in Idaho. While everyone seems to be having fun there is still the thought of the Strigoi killing more Morai. People's thoughts prove right and another attack happens, rattling the vampire community once again. Things are getting dangerous...
In the end people make seemingly foolish choices that results in a bad consequence and Rose, along with her best friend Lissa's boyfriend, Christian, must try to make sure nothing bad happens...

The second book once again, just like the first book, manages to reel you in like fish, not being able to escape the dark, sexy, dangerous world of the Morais and dhampirs. Just as equally as amazing as the first book, Rose, with her smart ass ways, proves she is strong and will do anything for her best friend and Morai Princess, Lissa. While along the way she is caught in a love that whoever reads this book, will wish they were in her world...

Once again this book was just as awesome as the first and I highly recommend reading this! Read Vampire Academy first though!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book of the Moment: Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead may just seem like any other typical, teen, vampire book with very cliche plot lines but this book proved me wrong! Never judge a book by it's cover...

The book takes place in modern times with the main character , Rose Hathaway, who is a dhampir, which is a half vampire- half human. Dhampirs are guardians of the Morai, who are full vampires and are politically in charge. Rose's best friend, Lissa, is a Moroi princess and Rose protects Lissa with all her being. They have been on the run since sophomore year of high school when they attended the Vampire Academy.The main reason for running away from the Academy was because Lissa felt like she was in danger and that someone was following. In the beginning of the book, they get caught by some of the school's guardians, one being particularly handsome to Rose.They are brought back to Vampire Academy and have to continue their studies for the rest of their senior year. But that's when the real trouble starts happening. Mia, a non-royal yet popular Morai is dead set on making Lissa's life hell. On top of that gruesome "pranks" keep happening to Lissa, threatening the deepest secret Lissa and Rose keep with them. With all of this happening and more trouble to come, will they survive Vampire Academy?  Or will they just run away...again. Read this book and find out because it is awesome! Rose is bad ass and super strong to Lissa's sweet and good natured personality. And don't forget the guys in this book...Dimitri...Christian... all very sexy...

I am so glad I read this book! I'm a sucker for series and this one just proved to me that I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I thought from the cover, it was a typical teenage, lame ass series, but this book proved me so WRONG! It has everything I love in it! Love, action, and mystery. It makes you wish you could be sucked into their world and live in it. Ahhh... If only one could... ;)

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DSAS from Cassandra Clare

Ummmm...okkkk...wowww... else is excited for City of Fallen Angels?
By the looks of this... I know I am ;)
Haha...holy hell...

Book of the Moment: White Cat by Holly Black

White Cat by Holly Black is the first in the series called The Curse Workers. The main character in this book is called Cassel Sharpe who is the only non-worker out of his family of criminal workers. Curse work is illegal so most end up being con artists or mobsters, like his family who serve one of the biggest Mobs in town with the family name of Zacharov. Cassel feels like he's the odd one out, with his family and even at school. There is one thing criminal about him though...he killed his best friend, Lila at the age of fourteen... He keeps dreaming about a white cat and he feels like it is maybe more than just a dream. There is also the fact that he keeps waking up, only to realize he's been sleep walking. Is it sleepwalking? Cassel begins to doubt everything that he's sure about including himself. Especially his brothers who Cassel thinks are keeping a massive secret from him that could change his life...

Holly Black's White Cat is a super, ultra, fantastic read. This is my first time reading a book by Holly Black and I have to say, I LOVE her writing. Just when you think you've got the mystery solved, it wrenches you into something completely different, making this a book you can't put down!

I give it a 4.5 out of 5

I can't wait for the next book, Red Glove, which is coming out on April 5! Same day as Plague by Micheal Grant and City of Fallen Angels  by Cassandra Clare! woop woop!

Red Glove cover :

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book of the Moment: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

I am so glad I finished this book...I thought it was awful. Blue Bloods is the first of many in the series called Blue Bloods. It starts out at a typical Manhattan elite night club just like any other chick lit about rich New York kids with the character Schuyler. All ready, only after two pages I can tell it's just like everyother book.This book is basically Gossip Girl mixed with uber hot vampires. I personally thought it was super cliche...
I felt like it was targeted to middle school/ pre-teen girls who love vampires (Twilight) and total chick lit, mean girls cliche-ness ( The Clique, Gossip Girl, etc.). Maybe some people like that stuff but I think it's been overdone. I hope we can see some new material out there where the character aren't always clad in designer clothes and bitching each other our. This is my personal opinion...
But hey, maybe I misjudged it?! If you guys have read most of the series and love it, let me know on why I should maybe read the rest! Or just prove that this isn't a sucky (heh heh no pun intended) series.

I give it a 1 out of 5 stars.

Link to casting options for Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, and Vampire Academy

These are some links to the a casting game. You can choose who you want cast in the movies. These fun links were made by Reelz Channel!

Mortal Instruments:

Hunger Games:

Vampire Academy:

Have fun :)


Here is the first video by Mainstay Pro that helped the Hunger Games youtube craze! I have to say, this video is amazing. It's so sad. The guys behind this are geniuses. And the music in this goes well with the scenes!

Chemistry Screen Test using the Katniss and Peeta cave scene from The Hu...

OMG! Thank god for Mainstay Pro for making this video. I love how we can see this scene being acted out. I think they should make a few more just for fun! These two have really good talent also. Let's hope we see them around! :)

Top Ten Fave YA Book Characters...At the Moment

1.) Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games
He is the sweetest guy ever and every single word he utters out of his mouth is like freaking poetry...ahhhh I LOVE HIM <3

2.) Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments
Jace is just such a bad ass and so snarky that I love him. His snarkiness and cockiness is kinda hot...but he is also able to turn into one of the sweetest and passionate guys too. Hot and dangerous...yet sweet and lovable. mmmm

This painting is incredible...

3.) Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games
Even though sometimes I want to punch Katniss for her being caught between Peeta and Gale (helloooo Team Peeta here!), Katniss is one of the strongest characters I know. To have to go through all of that's incredible to stay somewhat strong through out all of that.

Drawing of Jennifer Lawrence as our upcoming Katniss!

4.) Kartik from The Gemma Doyle Trilogy
I love Kartik because at first it was kid love between Gemma and Kartik but as books went on their love became so much more. He was one of the most influential characters I personally think, when it comes to Gemma. His loyalty to Gemma and everything was just...wowwww.

This is kinda how I imagine Kartik to look. Just not with the whole Justin Beiber hair thing going on.

5.) Gemma Doyle from the The Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Gemma is certainly not as strong as Katniss, but I still love Gemma's ambition. She seems very real as to what a girl feels inside and her feelings. Out of most character I personally feel like I can relate with her the most.

This picture totally embodies what I think looks like Gemma and her thirst for curiosity.

6.) Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games
Finnick just proves that there is more to what meets the eyes. He seems perfect and is described as mega gorgeous yet he is just about as real as anyone. He doesn't drown in his vanity like some people would. He's also funny and the Hunger Games Series kind of needed humor here and there since it's such an intense series.

artist's work

7.) Jasmine Callihan from Bad Kitty
I read this in like 6th grade and I still remember this character. She is about the funniest character ever! The dialogue in this book is just downright hilarioussss! I also love how ambitious she is to wanting to become a detective. Even though she embarrasses herself about every ten seconds...

8.) Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments series
I love Magnus first of all because he is one the only gay characters I have really seen in wildly popular books. Not many books have gay characters. But this series even with all its magic and shadowhunters still manages to weave in a awesome character who faces everyday issues with gay awareness into the series. I love Magnus because his personality is just so filled with confidence and flair. I wish he was real :)

9.) Haymitch from The Hunger Games series
I just love Haymitch. That drunken old thing! Every time I think of Haymitch I think House from House  or Robert Downey Jr. Both of them just seem to have his characteristics! He, like Finnick, also brings some lightness to the Hunger Games even though he is drunk most of that time.

10.) Melanie/ Wanderer from The Host
I love these two because even though they are supposed to be enemies they form a friendship deeper than sisterhood. The ability to forgive with these two to each other is enormous. Plus their story is just amazing.

I think Missy Peregrym would be PERFECT for the role of Melanie. She is who I picture when I think of Melanie!

Book of the Moment: Nobody's Princess by Esther Friesner

Nobody's Princess by Esther Friesner was an okkkkk book. I don't know why I read since it took me like no time to read the whole thing. This book is about a girl who becomes Helen of Troy but it tells the story of her childhood and teen years when she was just Helen on Sparta. The book infuses myth and history together to produce a story that heck, even I think it would be fun to live in the Bronze Age! The book shows her adventures, the friends she makes, and even the few enemies she makes through out the book until she reaches the age of 14 and takes on the biggest adventure of all.

I would recommend this book to people who want an easy read or for younger kids maybe from 4th grade and up. It's a SUPER easy read so if your a avid and fast reader, prepare to finish this faaassssst. The second book is called Nobody's Prize and it goes on with adventures of Helen. If I see it anywhere. maybe I'll read it. I have to say, I'm a little bit curious as to what happens to Helen.

I give it a 2 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book of the Moment: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

When I finished this entire book, I was literally giggling afterwords. Well, I giggled because when the book ends with such a WHAM, BLAM, SLAM, awesomeness, galore, I can't help but laugh to myself! Of course the movie, I Am Number Four was equally as fantastic. As for if the movie stayed with the book, I'd have to say the movie did very well. Sure there were some minor things that weren't consistent with the book, but really when is there ever a movie that stays completely consistent with the book? Anyways I personally thought the book was fantastic!

 If you guys haven't already seen the movie, this book is about a boy named John Smith who is really an alien from the planet Lorien. The Mogadoreans are an enemy planet, bent on getting rid of the Lorien people. They have this huge war on the planet of Lorien, completly destroying the planet's resources. So the some of the Loriens' decide to send nine Lorien children that are part of the Garde, which are the people who have certain powers called Legacies to Earth. Along with them, travels nine Cepan, who are basically guardians of the the nine Garde children. Those 18 Loriens are sent to Earth for the hopes they are not discovered by the Mogadoreans and can someday come back to Lorien to re populate and start civilization there once again. When they reach Earth though, they have to split up for it's the only way the charm of only getting killed in order of their number, can kill them. If they get together, the charm becomes broken.
 This book is the story of John Smith, who is Number Four out of the nine other kids. The first three are dead and John is next to be killed. So John and his Cepan, Henry move to Paradise, Ohio, where unexpected things happen and John finds out who he really is, what he's capable of, and ultimately, what his destiny is...

This book has love, action, thrills, and humor! My favorite! If you read the newer version of the book, in the back there is a sneak peak of The Power of Six and a Lorien Horoscope! Yes...there is even a Lorien horoscope! I'm what they call a Calin and my Legacies would be teleportation and energy sheilds. Awww yeah, pretty sweet...
Read this book and go see the movie because both are awesome and kick ass!
Not to mention, Alex Pettyfer is on the cover of the newer version of the book. Nice...

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars

What happened to the Mortal Instruments movie?

The internet has been getting so much hype about the Hunger Games movie that I'm wondering where did the Mortal Instruments movie buzz go? Screen Gems is making the movie and we already have our Clary, the amazingly beautiful Lilly Collins, but where is our Jace? I, for one would scream with joy if Alex Pettyfer got cast as the edgy Jace Wayland. He has got that certain swagger and edginess to perfectly potray Jace! And with the fourth installment of the Mortal Instruments series, City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Claire coming out on April 5, I am hoping to see more news about casting and all that shiz! So what do you guys think? Alex Pettyfer for Jace Wayland?


Who should be our Peeta???

Now that Lionsgate officially has set Jennifer Laurence to be Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming Hunger Games movie who is going to play Peeta????? The top contender seems to be Hunter Parrish. And I for one would DEFINITELY not mind if that piece of hotness played Peeta! Some other names are Josh Hutcherson and Alex Pettyfer but I would rather see Alex in the Mortal Instruments movie as Jace. Who else agrees with me!? He has that edge that Jace has. Josh Hutcherson would be good too for the role of Peeta but of course his hair would have to be blonde. I'm still rooting for Hunter though! What do you guys think? Leave your comments below or just press the eh, like, love buttons!

Our Peeta?

or is this our Peeta?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Book of the Moment: Ophelia by Lisa Klein

When I got done reading Ophelia by Lisa Klein, it literally left my breathless. The book takes many turns and twists that you are just dying to see what happens to the main character, Ophelia. This book is a re telling of the Shakespearean play Hamlet but through the eyes of Hamlet's lover, Ophelia. Ugh, I don't thick I will ever get tired saying Ophelia. Ophelia. Ophelia. The name is just gorgeous when it rolls out of your lips. Say it. Opheliaaaaa. Alright! Back to the book! As I was saying, this book is a re telling. But instead of seeing the action through Hamlet's eyes it's Ophelia. And let me tell you, I would rather see this play then the original. The books moves through her life as she grows and becomes smitten of Hamlet. The books shows the in depth and emotional feeling of love and lust that Hamlet and Ophelia went through. Ophelia is actually smart in this book and not the dim character most people make her out to be. In this book, Ophelia is the one, who in the end is the bravest of them all. Read this book! It is beautifully written and the Victorean language is so easy to understand. This is a book every girl should read. It really empowers you.

                                              I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Fire by Kristen Cashore: Book Companion to Graceling!

I can't wait to get my hands on this second book to Graceling! It seems Kristin is making the books into a trilogy called The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy. Makes sense and all to call it that! I wonder if we'll see more of Po or Katsa??? I hope so! Hopefully, I will find Fire at the library! Can't wait! :)

Book of the Moment: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

I just finished reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore this morning! The book is set in the times of Kings and Queens and their rule over the land. There are seven kingdoms and Katsa the main character lives in Middluns where her Uncle Randa is the King of the Middluns. In this book certain people have "graces" which really is a talent that is within them when they are born. Katsa has the grace of killing and she is used as a tool for her uncle so she can do his dirty deeds. But on a important mission she meets Prince Po, a Liened prince graced with the skill of combat. From there her life takes un expected turns as she learns of a secret that is dangrous to all seven kingdoms. Katsa  and Prince Po set off on a journey for something dangerous and even something Katsa can't even manage to kill...

I really enjoyed this book. If your die hard for books with princes and princesses yet with some kick ass action then read THIS! It's not always that you come across a book where the heroine is so strong and so comfortable in her own skin. This is a book for all those who want to disapear in a land of princes, adventure, love, and not just your typical romantic, back in the ol' days gig. Graceling is a fun book and is perfect for any kind of reader.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars!
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