Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 7 Countdown: Fave Book Trailers!

Until this year I didn't even know that book trailers existed! I mean sure, there are the fanmade book to movie trailers on youtube but I had no fricken idea! The concept for trailers for books made me so excited! It's kind of nice now that if I want to read a book but I don't know if I should, I could just also look at the book trailer! Anyways, after watching so many, these are my top 5 favirotes!

#7.) A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

#6.) Lies by Micheal Grant

#5.) Torment by Lauren Kate

#4.) Vampire Academy series: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

#3.) Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr

#2.) City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

#1.) Plague by Micheal Grant

So these are my faves! Comment below and copy the links of your guys fave book trailers! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Book of the Moment: The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine is the first in the romantically creepy and mysterious series by author Bree Despain.

Grace Divine is a pastor's daughter, the girl everyone looks up to, and models after. Her and her brother, Jude, are tighter than any bond and they always help their family with anything for the community. Picture perfect kids. Right? But when Daniel, an old childhood friend, and whom Grace hasn't seen since when her brother came stumbling home injured and covered in his own blood, walks back into Grace's life, everything and everyone is shaken up. But Jude hates Daniel now and neither one of them will tell Grace what happened that fateful night. Grace, who is becoming drawn to Daniel more and more must choose if she will stay loyal to her brother or let her heart cave in to Daniel.
Mysterious killings are happening and Grace can't help but think it must be linked to Daniel. But even if he is that dangerous, can she live up to her name and grant mercy? With everything jumbling together in Grace's life, she must unravel the mystery that lurks behind the night Daniel disappeared and find answers for once and for all. Even if the truth kills...

I just can't get enough of my paranormal-romance fix can I? The Dark Divine is of course a paranormal book like any other but it's elements and characters are so different! The main character Grace for one, is brought up way different than any other paranormal book character that I have read! I mean yes there are some total Twilight omg scenes, but it stays original! There is no god awful love triangle like most YA books do, but rather focuses on if one is able to be loyal to their own blood or fall in love. It's a hard decision and we get to see how this character Grace, goes through it! There are many surprises and twists and I love how the book pieced together and tied in beautifully at the end. It's a good work of a book and I definitely recommend it to paranormal-romance die hards out there!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book of the Moment: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Across the Universe is a romantic part sci-fi, part dystopian debut book by Beth Revis.

It is into the future and it is a world where space travel to another planet is possible. The Project Ark Mission is conducting an experiment. To see if life on another planet can survive. Amy's parents are essential to this project and have forced Amy to come along with them. The only thing is, is that it is 300 years away and Amy, her parents, and all the essential people for the trip must be frozen, so when they wake 300 years later, they will be the same. But when Amy is violently awoken from her slumber of ice 50 years before landing, she must piece together who did it. And why. Now she can not go back. She meets Elder, who is the next heir on ruling the ship, Godspeed but everything she knew before she took the trip seems to be wrong. All the people are weirdly monotone and calm and the dictator type leader, Eldest has it out for Amy just because she is "different". But on top of this, someone is unplugging the frozen people and killing them in result. Elder and Amy must join leagues to see who is behind all of this and also unravel the mystery of the secrets hidden deep within Godspeed. In a place where you can't run away and hide but are stuck in between metal walls, what does one do when they feel like the walls are closing in? Is living with the stars the only option...?

Yippe doo. I was very excited to get my hands on this book just because it seemed like a good story! But as I read on I just kept getting more and more disappointed. I really don't like the character Amy and Elder just seems like a wuss! The plot line is different from other stories but still lacks flavor. I was thoroughly bored by the end of the book and wasn't pleased with ending one bit. There is a lingering problem that gets unresolved and the ending seems to end abruptly. I want to know what happens! It's not even a good cliff hanger even! I really just thought the book was ok but I know I would never read it again. Even though it looks like it has epic romance, it has NONE! I was disappointed in that factor. I like my books to have a little AMOR and sizzling passion! Oh well... This book however, would be a great pick for sci-fi lovers, although I recommend The Host by Stephanie Meyer. That book is like sci-fi for people who don't like sci-fi and it is just simply SUPERB!  Anyways tell me what you guys think about this book! Be sure to comment below!

I give it a 3 out of 5 stars!

Blonde Josh Hutcherson!

OMG! Josh Hutcherson who is cast as our beloved Peeta in the Hunger Games movie seems to be sporting the new blond look! I personally love it! Josh makes such a good Peeta. His build, face, and especially with that new spanking hair makes him all that is Peeta! AHHHHH can't wait for the movie! What do you guys think?

Here is also a pic I found browsing on the web! Lemme just say...I LOVE IT!

Comment below with your opinions! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Dimitri and Rose?!

Richelle Mead tweeted that if her book wins the Children's Book Award, she will write a short story involving Rose and Dimitri going to visit his family in Russia! Although there is good competion for it because Mockinjay by Suzzane Collins is up on the ballot too, I would love me some more of Rose and Dimitri. I don't hear Suzanne Collins saying anything about a short story and plus I would LOVE to hear more of my favirote couple anyways! So PLEASE vote for Spirit Bound and make this happen!!!!
 Click on the link below to vote!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Book of the Moment: Lady Macbeth's Daughter by Lisa Klein

From the amazing writer who wrote Ophelia by Lisa Klein, comes Lady Macbeth's Daughter, the tale of a different story of what went down during Macbeth's rule over Scotland.

Albia's home is in the Wychelm Woods, where she knows every inch of the woods and lives with the 3 Wyrd Sisters. She has had no knowledge of who her father is until one fateful night where she learns that she is the daughter of the tyrant Macbeth and his lady, Grelach. Scotland has been thrown into a state of terror now that the King Duncan is dead and Macbeth is appointed king, but he doesn't trust anyone. Told from two different sides of the story, Lady Macbeth and Albia, you discover a different tale of the classic Shakespearean tale of Macbeth. What if Lady Macbeth had a daughter and the reason why she was so wicked was because her child, Albia, was torn away from her and left for dead. What if Albia fell in love with Banqou's mighty son, Fleance? What if...

Albia soon sets out on a journey with her peaceful childhood friend, Colum, seeking a way to save her love and maybe even the fate of the land of Scotland. Can a girl in those harsh times get away with it? Find out in Lisa Klein's amazing book, Lady Macbeth's Daughter.

I have to say that I love Lisa Klein. Ever since I read Ophelia, I have fell in love with Klein's impeccable writing and how she can find a different character and story out of any classic! It makes you second guess yourself if the character Albia was in the original play or not! There are no dramatic changes to the play but it flows smoothly with bits of surprise tucked in every corner. It makes doing my 5th grade play of Macbeth a enjoyable memory, remembering all those random lines of the witches and Macbeth! Klein's books are always intense too and is never unrealistic of the outcomes of the characters. Lady Macbeth's Daughter is written as if it is an actual piece of our worlds history! It is truly an exciting book! I can't wait to read some of Klein's other books like Two Girls of Gettysburg or Cate of the Lost Colony!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book of the Moment: Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce

Sisters Red is the captivating tale of two bad ass hunter sisters by the amazing writer, Jackson Pierce.

Rosie and Scarlett March are sisters and best friends. They only have each other. When they were young, a "werewolf" or what they call Fenris attacked Scarlett while she was trying to protect her younger sister, Rosie. Scarlett, now with only one eye and scars left from the attack, is dead set on killing every Fenris alive. Rosie and Scarlett have dropped what you would call a normal life and taken on the personas of a hunter, striving on killing the Fenris population. They think it's their duty to kill these things that prey on young girls,who, the prettier and younger...the better. Scarlett has this ambition more that Rosie though, yet Scarlett believes that their lives are only meant for the kill. But does Rosie? Then Silas, the youngest of a long line of woodsmen who are deadly with axes, comes back and re enters the lives if the sisters. Rosies starts falling in love with Silas but she must hide it because she can't let her sister know. Scarlett saved Rosie's life and for that Rosie must owe her, her life and not dilly dally on such things as love. But it's getting harder and harder for Rosie to resist.
There are more Fenris appearing everywhere and more young girls deaths along with it...
The trio of Rosie, Scarlett, and Silas must uncover the hidden secrets of the Fenris society. But with that comes a shocking revelation that might just change...everything.
In this dark, juicy modern fairytale-ish retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, we learn that you don't always have to be the one that has to get saved from that Big Bad Wolf. just got to save yourself...

OMYGOSH! Does this book sound amazing or does it sound amazing?!?! Well take my word, it is HOT! Yes I am using a Paris Hilton term, but baby when it comes to this book, it is red hot! I've never read anything like this. I'm a sucker for fairy tale re-tellings, but this one was truly bad ass. Who ever thought girls couldn't defend themselves is a dumbass, because clearly from this book, any girl can! Once again this book has my three favorites! Passionate love, kick ass action, and whole lot of drama! Mmmmm...who wouldn't love a book like that? Scarlett sometimes kind of pissed me off but I guess when someones get hacked to pieces like that from a stupid wolf, it does things to you! I really like the authors writing and I have to say I found a new author that I will definitely hop onto any new book Jackson Pierce writes! The imagery is outstanding! This book is definitely an awesome read!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book of the Moment: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

The Demon King is the first in Cinda Williams Chima's thrilling and adventurous Seven Realms series!

Han is just another poor sixteen year old guy in the Fells, whose past life of thieving and criminal ism, risks being brought up again. Han lives in a world where there are powerful wizards and the Clans who only get along with each other by the thread of alliance through the Queen. When Han and his friend Dancer come across a trio of powerful wizards, Han gets his hands on the leader's powerful amulet. By doing this, series of events lead to devastating results for Han. Knowing that the powerful wizard is probably plotting someway to get the amulet back, the amulets seems to be starting problems. The unbreakable and irremovable silver bracelets that have been on Han's wrists ever since he can remember seem to glow every time he encounters the amulet or wizards. Puzzled about his future, Han walks a wobbly path to an unknown outcome to his life, this path not leading to any clear destination.

Enter Raisa, the princess heir to the Queendom of the Fells. Raisa has just gotten back from her three year time off at the warrior Demonai camp and feels suffocated by palace life. With her sixteenth birthday coming up, she is now eligible for marriage and has suitors raining gifts for her, in hopes of becoming her King. But the thread that is her mother who holds peace between the clans and the wizards is diminishing before Raisa's eyes and is putting out a huge danger. Something that could possibly be even worse than the Breaking. When it seems like the High Wizard might just have too much power over the Queen, Raisa must find help in her childhood friend turned corporal, Amon. And Micah, the High Wizard's son, who she shared intoxicating kisses and long walks with, may not be the guy she thought he was. Distrust and betrayal is hot in Raisa's life and she must fight her way through it.

When Raisa and Han's lives somehow come together for just one fateful night, everything changes and they have no idea what is really on board for their futures. With their land falling and crumbling apart and into the brinks of war, what will become of these two? Find out in this thrilling and exciting book by Cinda Williams Chima!

The beginning of the book starts off kind off slow and I was for a little bit, contemplating if I should keep reading this book or stop. Thank god I kept going, because it turned out to be such a fun little book! Actually not little at all, because the author has written a book so amazingly plotted and twisted with bumps of surprise and mystery weaved into every little chapter! It is very well written and the language is superb! This is a really good book for fantasy lovers and I think it's very real when it comes to romance. Most teen books depict two star crossed lovers, who are only right for each other and there are no other possible people to love. Yet in this book, it's more like real life. As a teen, you will always go through a bunch of guys or girls and your first "love" might not always be forever. I think the character Raisa is like that, and that there is no ONE guy she loves but she does tread through the sea of young men to see who's really there for her! Anyways, I appreciated that twist in this type of YA book! It's a fresh look at teen literature love stories!

Anyways this book is fantastic and I definitely recommend this to fantasy lovers of all sorts!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Book of the Moment: Jane by April Lindner

Jane is modern tale of Jane Eyre, getting the Pride & Prejudice treatment from April Lindner, who shares a tale of a modern Jane Eyre by the name of Jane Moore.
Jane Moore is broke and has dropped out college because of financial issues. Her parents died 6 months ago and her brother and sister are distant, not caring about Jane at all. Jane decides to become a nanny and is assigned a job for the uber, famous rockstar, Nico Rathburn's 5 year old daughter, Maddy. While she is at Thornfield Park, which is the residence of the famous Nice Rathburn, not only does she bond with the 5 year old Maddy, the girl she is nannying for, but Mr. Rathburn as well. She cannot escape the fierce love she feels for Nico but it is forbidden as she is a nanny...and well, he's a rockstar.
While she finds herself in the middle of a romance that cannot be, Thornfield Park seems to have secrets. Mysterious happenings and eery situations puts Jane at a stop. Can she love Nico? Or will she try to stay true to her self and keep going the way her life is "supposed" to be. This book is for all those Jane Eyre lovers and for those who want to read about a modern version of our beloved and classic, Jane Eyre.

I really loved this book! I have never read a classic although I did once attempt to read Wuthering Heights in 6th grade...which didn't go so well because I was clueless. But reading this book made me want to read the classic Jane Eyre and see what all the fuss is about! With the movie out, I'm just getting more hyped up about it. I also love how instead of the old Englishmen type Mr. Rochester, we have a rockstar playing that role! It puts a very modern and interesting twist to the book! I also love Jane's strong and determined personality and how she always stays true to her self no matter what. That takes real guts! I absolutely fell in love with this book and I recommend it to ANYONE! Seriously, no matter what genre of books you like, this book will be amazing! I will most likely have to read Jane Eyre later in high school so I'm saving to read it then. Hopefully I will actually finish a classic that time! Wish me luck till then!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book of the Moment: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique is the sequel to highly praised Incarceron by fantasy writer, Catherine Fisher.
Finn is finally out of the living prison, Incarceron and he expected the Realm to be a paradise where you are free to do whatever. But the Outside world is another prison all together. He must obey the harsh Protocol where everyone lives in the past and without the advanced technology. Finn and Claudia have been at the palace for two months now and Claudia is surprised that she somewhat missed her cold father, how is now lost in the depths of Incarceron. Finn must live with daily guilt that he left his oath-brother, Keiro and friend Attia in Incarceron and is driving himself mad trying to figure out a way to get them out. Like he promised. Now that Claudia has claimed Finn to be the lost heir of the Realm, the Queen is trying to plot her way on getting rid of Finn...along with Claudia...
When another claimant appears saying he is the lost heir, Claudia and Finn began to doubt themselves. What if all they had gone through to get Finn to Escpae Incarceron was all a big mistake?
Meanwhile, Attia and Keiro are still in the depths of Incarceron, trying to find the magic Glove, that the legendary Sapphique used to Escape the prison. But they go through some battles and fight the prison because...well...Incarceron wants it too. Can a prison escape itself? Find out in this thrilling sequel to Incarceron!

I was excited to get my hands of Sapphique becuase I was so curious as to what would happen to all these characters. I have to say the book is a little confusing to read at times but in the end, everything makes sense. Obviously, your going to have to read Incarceron first, otherwise Sapphique will make zero sense.
I really like how Finn and Claudia's story got wrapped up and the ending was sick! I wasn't expecting it at all! It a very fantasy/ thriller type book so you will not be able to put down this book! It's a very fun read and I hear there is going to be a Incarceron movie. There are rumors that Taylor Lautner might even be cast as Finn...hmmmmm...
Hope they are true because these books are kick ass and would make even more kick ass movies!
Read these books!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book of the Moment: Marked by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast

Marked is the first book in the dark, vampire- esque series, House of Night, by mother daughter duo, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

The book opens on sixteen year old Zoey Redbird when she is walking down her normal high school with her normal best friend until she is met by a "Tracker" at her locker who Marks her as a fledgling vampire. At the sudden turn of events, Zoey must leave her whole normal life behind and join the House of Night, a school for vampire fledglings. But she is the odd one out because her Mark, which all vampires and fledglings have, is already filled in. All the fledglings gawk at her like she is some freak of nature and it doesn't help the fact that Zoey is just like any other teenager and just wants to fit in.
Zoey makes new friends who are quite loyal and also makes a enemy. Aphrodite in particular who is hell bent on making Zoey's life hell. It doesn't help that Aphrodite's really hot ex boyfriend has taken an interest in Zoey either. With all this piled on already, she must also try figure out the powers that the Goddess Nyx has given her and why she was granted them. Is it simply to take down the hag from hell, Aphrodite or is there more to come?
Zoey's life has been turned around and she must deal with the powers she has been given to make the best out of every situation. Even if it means being a freak of nature.

I thought this book was very typical. I mean it's not as horrible as Blue Bloods but this series is no where as amazing as the Vampire Academy series. I guess I was trying to find a book series that could replace my love for the Vampire Academy series, but it's a no can do. Marked was a good book but it really didn't make me want to read the next book. I personally thought the writing was all over and just a little weird. It was also super stereotypical chick lit. There is the mean chick, the mean chick's hotty ex who like the main chick, the somewhat loser group the main chick get in with, and just very typical chick-y lit material. I've heard the same plot line over and over again. I wished I could've heard something different and not just typical girly-ness shiz. I was going to read the next book, Betrayed, but I just really don't want to now. I'm not saying Marked was horrible but my opinion personally is that I've heard the tire full chick lit material before. So I'd rather not. It would've been a good book series for me when I was in sixth grade. I would've ate it up!

I give it a 2 out of 5 stars

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hunger Games: Teaser

Here is yet another genius video by the fantastic MainStay Pro productions on YouTube. These people have been getting a lot of attention in the Hunger Games Fan world! This is a teaser for , the fansite. It's number one in the Hunger Games fansites so you guys should check it out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book of the Moment: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo is the sequel to Becca Fitzpatrick's paranormal romance, Hush, Hush.
We enter Nora Grey's world, where she is the girlfriend of her super hot, dark, and guardian angel, Patch. While things may have seemed merry in their super hot relationship, Nora beings feels Patch is being untrustworthy and that he is being more elusive than usual. Which is weird for even Patch since he's already oh so mysterious... Enter Scott Parnell, a childhood friend who used to make Nora eat rollypollys when they were little. Scott has entered abruptly into Nora's life and it isn't all to pleasant. With his nauseating personality and cocky exterior, Nora isn't too keen on him. Yet she knows he is keeping a dangerous secret with him and she knows it has to do something with her and could possibly connect the dots to her father's murder.
While Nora begins to doubt the very people she loves in her life on matters about her father ,his past, and his murder, the very person she loves with her whole heart begins to be the main suspect...
Patch maybe her guardian angel now...but what if Patch is keeping secrets?
Secrets that very well may shatter their relationship...
Ohhh yesss, find out in this second book from Becca Fitzpatrick , Crecendo.

Let me start out by saying that I have read two books about hot angel boyfriends this week and I have to say Crescendo beats Fallen or Torment by Lauren Kate. Sure, both the series are fantastic and good reads but I like Becca Fitzpatricks's Nora to Lauren Kate's Luce. I feel like Nora is a lot stronger of a character and can actually defend her self. I also just think the character Patch seems A LOT hotter than Daniel Grigori...but that just my opinion!
Both books are great nonetheless! I know that the third book from Fitzpatrick is still in the works but I can't wait for it to come out! What will happen to Patch and Nora....???

I give it a 5 out of 5!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book of the Moment: Torment by Lauren Kate

Torment is the second book in Lauren Kate's romantic and dark, Fallen series.
After Luce is finally re united with her century's worth angel/boyfriend, Daniel, she is again away from him and is now residing at Shoreline High School, hiding and blending in with the Nephilim kids there. The Nephilim are the off spring of an angel/human hookup, and Luce feels like odd one out. But Luce makes friends with the sweet Miles and the haughty Shelby and the three of them together, try to figure out Luce's past, her deaths, and the all the families she has left behind. It bothers Luce that Daniel is keeping secrets from her, secrets that could kill her but she is determined to figure out what her future is like, No one will control her or her future and that is made clear! And what if Daniel isn't the only guy in her life? What if she has other options...?
In this book we see teen angst filled Luce, figure out more of she is and who she was in her past and most importantly...whats her future....

Torment was hands down exciting!! I thought Daniel was a jerk at times but Luce just kinda pissed me off. She over thinks her situations! And she doesn't seem to appreciate what is right in front of her eyes! Umm...her uber hot angel boyfriend...? hellloooo?
This book was definitely more exciting than the first and your not under that veil of mystery the whole time, like the first book. Sure, your still unclear about Luce's past and all of the angelic stuff but it's a nice to know whats going on! I liked the incorporation of the Nephilim and it was cool to see how they had their own school! It makes you wonder what other surprises lay ahead in the Fallen series. The end is surprising and a major, pain full cliffhanger!!! I just can't to get my hands on Passion, the third book in the series!

 I give it a 4.5 out of 5!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Book of the Moment: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel is the first in the Infernal Devices series and the start of the prequel series to the Mortal Instruments series by the fabulous Cassandra Clare.
In this book we are propelled into the late 1880's in England, where we meet Tessa Gray, who is what people call a Changer. She goes to London in pursuit to see her brother and ends up finding out her true being of a Changer. She has the ability to shape shift into any person, dead or alive. She enters the Downworld of vampires,fairies, werewolves, and warlocks (oh my!) and the Shadowhunters who keep the peace and fight off the evil demons. The strange Dark Sisters have kept Tessa against her will so they can see and "teach" her about her Changing. But when she learns she must marry the Magister, the head of the Pandemonium Club, she tries to flee and fails, but is soon saved by the handsome and arrogant Shadowhunter, Will Herondale. Then she takes refuge in the Institution with new friends and finds out about things she would've never imagined before. Tessa along with the people in the Institution, help unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of her brother and instead find themselves in the middle of a huge series of events that can ultimately lead to catastrophic consequences. As she faces all these new things she is torn between the sweet Jem and arrogant Will but she is also faced with some of the hardest situations that she didn't think she would ever face in her former life. Things have taken a turn for the worse and unless Tessa and the Shadowhunters stop it...things might just get EVEN worse...

I was waiting for such a long time to read this book! After I read the first three book in the Mortal Instruments series, I was just salivating for more of Cassandra Clare's superb writing! It was cool to see how Shadowhunters behaved in the late 18th century in England and I wasn't surprised to see the character Will be as just as arrogant as our beloved Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments series. It was also interesting to see how the gender stereotypes from the late 18th century era tied into being a female Shadowhunter. It's a cool new series and I love how this prequel doesn't give anything away for the Mortal Instruments series. Sometimes prequels to other series do that and it can  be down right annoying. But this book totally had a different plot line and a completely different story. And not to mention, our favorite warlock, Magnus Bane, has an important role in this book! If you must read this book, FIRST read the Mortal Instruments series! This book was fantastic and I can't wait to read the next book, Clockwork Prince!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book of the Moment: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Stolen is the heart wrenching debut novel by Australian/British author, Lucy Christopher. Gemma steps away from her parents for a minute to get some coffee and clear her mind from her most recent argument with her mom at the airport in Bangcok, en route to Vietnam. In the cafe, she meets 20 something year old Ty whose penetrating blue eyes capture Gemma's attention. He smoothly pays for her coffee...and drugs it...

All she remembers is a haze ridden mash of a journey and Ty's tall, rugged body by her side every inch of the way. She soon wakes up in the middle of the Austrailian outback...deserted...middle of nowhere...with her captor. Ty. He doesn't abuse her in any way but Gemma is set on escaping. She tries every escape route but soon finds...there aren't any. She also finds that her kidnapper isn't as deceptive as she thinks he is. He has stolen her away...and expected her to live like him...and love him. But in the end...will he steal her heart too?

This book was truly one of the most moving books I have ever read. I admit that I cried every bit of the way. My heart was wrenched back and forward, at times hating Ty...and at times loving Ty. Just like Gemma. The author has written such a compelling story that the reader is feeling the same emotions and confusion Gemma feels. I just wanted to believe under all that craziness, Ty really was good. And he was. But his intentions were all bad and in the didn't work out. It made me so sad though to see Ty so screwed up. He truly is just looking for his place and where he belongs and he finds that in dry desert of Australia. And he feels that Gemma is a part of that...and so he steals her. It really does make me sad to see him like that. Gemma's story is truly one of a kind and a kind that is heart- wrenching. I loved this book and I just chewed my way through it. I was completely engrossed with this story and I was just captivated by it all.
And it leaves you Gemma finds her self somewhat drawn to Ty...was it because she saw him for who he truly was?
Or was it Stockholm Syndrom?
This question keeps gnawing at me and really it's for the reader to decide what they think. There is no definite answer...
I loved this book and it definitely covered my 2011 goal of reading a truly moving book. Stolen is a beautiful book told through Gemma writing a letter to her captor...Ty.
Everyone should read this amazing book.
I can't wait to read Lucy Christopher's other novel, Flyaway.

I give it a well deserved 6 out of 5!

Book Of the Moment: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen is the first book in the sexy, mysterious series by Lauren Kate. In this book, protagonist Luce has entered a new school at Sword & Cross boarding school. It's a school for all the misfits and bad kids...some of them even wearing electrical bracelets around their wrists. Although Luce isn't a bad girl on purpose, her past haunts her and she must try to have a fresh start. But already on the first day, two guys capture Luce's attention, one being the popular and way too nice Cam and the other is well...pretty much an asshole. Daniel Grigori seems to act like he wishes Luce dead and she has no idea why. But she feels a magnetic ( yes I know...cheeesssyyyy) pull to him and he seems eerily familiar. What gives??? She is very well on the edge of being obsessed with him and she tries to pry open what Daniel seems to try to keep hidden...even if it will hurt Luce. In this awesome,eery, dark, and thrilling book, you will meet Luce and a wide range of interesting characters...all keeping one huge secret.

Da da daaaaaa!!! This book is just one of your other beloved YA classic book! Epic romance, love triangles, mysterious know, the works! I actually really liked this book and it was a definite page turner and I just wanted to know what would happen to all the characters. It's very mysterious...
Yes there were some parts that were cheesy but all in all I thought  it was a fun book! I can't wait to read the second book Torment and see what happens to Luce!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fan Made:The Hunger Games Project 2010 | Trailer 2

Here is the other trailer! These fanmade trailers are just making me more hyped up about the movie!!! AHHH! :)

Fan Made Trailer:The Hunger Games Project 2010 | Trailer 1

Wow these kids are suppper talented! Props!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book of the Moment: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead is the last book in the amazingly, fantastic Vampire Academy series! Usually Rose Hathaway doesn't care about the rules or laws. She does what she has to do. Even if it means a little law or rule breaking here and there. But this time she is accused of breaking one the highest law in the Morai world. Assassination of the Queen. But she didn't do it! All her friends know this but it is not enough proof for her coming punishment. Death. But with the help of few of her friends and even Dimitri, she sets off on an adventure to find someone who could change everything. That someone could make Lissa the Queen. With all the heated debate on who is going to be the next King or Queen, Rose's journey, as well as Lissa life in the royal court is...dangerous. But will Rose have enough time to clear her name as well as help Lissa become Queen? Or will the guardians, hot on the pursuit for Rose and Dimitri catch up and finally capture the two most wanted people in the Morai/ Dhampir world? With the help of Dimitri, Adrian, and some surprise return friends, Rose sets off to clear her name and help one of the people she loves most. The last Dragomir princess, Lissa. Will she be able to do it? Or will she be reclaimed by the dead? You can only die and wake up alive once...

So you might be wondering why I'm pretty much reading a book a day...while I should be at school. Right? Wrong. I have been sick for the past few days, giving me the chance to snuggle in bed and read. Seriously day time T.V. is the WORST! I also braved the rain yesterday when I found out that my copy of Last Sacrifice had finally arrived at the library! I was so excited and I got to my reading at once. I'm definitely sad that Rose's journey is over...the books are so amazing. I had such a good time reading this because it has mystery weaved into it and I just kept wondering how things were going to turn out! I flipped out in the end! This book was truly awesome, just like the others and I'm very content with the how everything plays out. But thank the world Richelle Mead hasn't stopped writing. The next book I want to get my hands on is Bloodlines, this time showing the story of Rose's friend Sydney, who is an Alchemist. And I hear one heart broken guy is going to return and be in the book. Hmmm...I have a guess on who that is...
I'm glad that I cans still read about the magical and dark world of the Morai/Dhampir. Just now we have some Alchemists mixed in! CAN'T WAIT!!!

This series went up on my MUST READ page because's a must read! This series is definitely... one of the best! I'm so glad I came to my senses and decided to pick up and try the first book in the series. It payed off in being one of the best series I have ever read...

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Cover for Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
There's Sydney...but I wonder who that mystery guy is ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book of the Moment: The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry

The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry is a cutesy little book about a orphan girl named Lucinda. Her story is Cinderella-esqe because she lives at her uncle's jewelery shop with her evil aunt. Her aunt is abusive and Lucinda is treated like a slave. But then all in one day, a handsome prince, a supposed "witch", and a gorgeous stone comes into their shop. That stone ends up being lost to a very important person and soon Lucinda finds her self in a whirl wind of a situation trying to retrieve the gem with a rascal street thief and a very smart goat as companions. All in one night, she goes on a dangerous adventure and makes shocking discoveries. But Lucinda is determined to make everything right in her life for once!

I just thought that this book was cutesy. It was a fun little book about the old English times and society but a little bit of magic mixed with it. I didn't find the book amazing but it was really just a fun and cute read. This is another one of those "I'm bored, hey this book looks amusing" kinda book. Still, it's a fun little read and superrrr easy to read! I felt like this book should've also been targeted to more of the younger crowd. It's something I would've loved to read in like 4th or 5th grade...but that is just me!

I give it a 3 out of 5 stars!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Book of the Moment: Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fire, the companion novel to Graceling by Kristin Cashore, is just as kick ass and romantic as GracelingGraceling was Cashore's first debut novel but Fire does not fail to to exceed Graceling's expectations! Fire is a completely different story than Graceling so there is no need to read them in a order. This book has a complete new set of character...except for one little suspicious person...but that's for the reader to find out!!! Fire is a book centered on a "monster human" girl who is called Fire, named after her exuberant and dazzling red hair. She is kind of what you would say a "succubi". She has the power of taking over people's minds of course with the extreme help of her astonishing beauty. But she refuses to use her power for evil. She promises her self that she will not become a tyrant like her father, who flaunted his power and godly looks for the works of the bad. The book is set place in the mystical land called the Dells, where monsters run free and the King is holding on to what little of his power is left. Powerful people are plotting against the King so they can take over and the land of Dells is swarmed with spies and thieves. This is where Fire cuts in. Prince Brigan, the brother of the King, requests Fire to help the royal family figure out any plans of taking over and help them learn what she can from spies. But is Fire willing to lose herself in her power and ultimately become the monster her father was just so she helps the King? But this is more than just about the King. She has the power of saving the kingdom...
In this book, there is epic romance, fights, and impossible choices all wrapped up in one little treat of a book. Fire.

I was hoping that this book was just as good as Graceling and it turned out just so! Fire has similarities and differences to Katsa, the main character in Graceling. They are both brave and strong willed. But unlike Katsa, Fire isn't some bad ass chick that could woop you up. Fire's power comes from her beauty. I like how this book really focuses on whats inside, even though Fire is super stunning. Looks aren't always what they seem and this book really proves it. The book had some pleasantly challenging vocabulary but I was glad for it! This book was amazing! Loved it! This is definitely a good and fun read!
I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!!!

Fan Art : Hunger Games

In honor of FINALLY finding out which celebs are cast as the main characters in the Hunger Games movie, I looked through our handy web browsers, Bing and Google, to look for some fanstastic fan art showing the cast so far! We have Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark!

We Have Our PEETA & GALE!!!!

This just in! We now have our beloved Peeta and Gale cast in the upcoming Hunger Games movie!!! Josh Hutcherson, most famous for Journey to the Center of the Earth and Bridge to Teribithia, is cast as Peeta! With just a bit of dying his hair blond and blue contacts, he would make the PERFECT Peeta! Liam Hemsworth, famous for The Last Song, was cast a Gale! I am so freaking psyched right now that I can do 40 push ups! And that's saying something... What do you guys think of the the cast picks? Be sure to leave a comment below!

Are you guys super excited????
Let the movie Games begin!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book of the Moment: Hourglass by Claudia Gray

Hourglass is the third book in Claudia Gray's spellbinding Evernight Series. Bianca, a girl who was born to two vampires and is an "almost" vampire has fled from Evernight Academy after it was attacked by the Black Cross, the underground organization of vampire hunters that the love of her life, Lucas, is a part of. Bianca escapes with Lucas and joins the Black Cross even though their is the risk that if they found out about her vampire genes and what she really has for breakfast, they will have no mercy to what becomes of Bianca. While hiding her true nature to everyone except Lucas, a tragic situation happens and her former "ex" and vampire friend, Balthazer is captured by the Black Cross members. Hiding what she is soon becoming harder than ever.  But after a while, Lucas and Bianca are on the run again but this time they've got Black Cross and some pretty angry vampires hot on their pursuit.  With all this happening, Bianca is going through some weird stuff her self. What could it be? It seems she like even if she keeps running, her destiny will keep coming after her...

Haha this book was grand! I was so shocked at the things that were happening through out the book. I was also consumed with envy of Bianca and Lucas's romance. The things they are willing to do for each other is The ending is a major cliff hanger though and I can't wait to claw my hands onto the next book, Afterlife! The book just came out last month so it's going to be a little tough getting my hands on Afterlife! If you read this series you too will be consumed by Lucas's and Bianca's love. The series literally gets better as it goes. Evernight was a 3.5, Stargazer a 4, and Hourglass is a FIVE! Loved it....
I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book of the Moment: Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Stargazer is the second book in Claudia Gray's epic Evernight series, focusing on main character, Bianca who is "almost" a full vampire. Bianca was born to two vampires, something very, very rare and her parents and everyone seem dead set on Bianca becoming a full vampire. But whats the other choice? No body is willing to tell her...
Bianca fell in love with Lucas, who turned out to be a vampire hunter and is part of the Black Cross, an underground organization set on obliterating the vampire species. But since they fell in love with each other they end up deceiving their other loved ones with lies. Though Lucas fled Evernight Academy after being found out that he a Black Cross hunter, Bianca risks the wrath of the powerful elders at Evernight just to keep seeing Lucas. Things get riskier as they keep this going...
There is also an evil force that keeps attacking her school and especially targeting Bianca and she thinks what she has been told all her life has just a bit of a lie to it and there is so much more about herself that she must uncover...
This book has surprises and turns that you wouldn't even think of! What will become of our lovely almost vampire, Bianca and the love of her life, Lucas? Find out in Stargazer!

I have to say the first book didn't seem to uphold my taste in books but when I read Stargazer, the second book in the series, I changed my mind. In this book we get even more in depth on how much Bianca and Lucas love each other and the risks they are willing to take just to be together. It's truly romantic... ;)
It's a fun series so far and I'm already onto the third book, Hourglass. Ahhh can't wait to see what happens!!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Book of the Moment: Evernight by Claudia Gray

Evernight by Claudia Gray, is just one your other vampire- esque love stories. Sure it's no Vampire Academy book, but it still is a fun read! The main character Bianca, is attending a new and creepy school her parents just got a job at. She doesn't like eery feel of it and the only good thing that turned up was meeting Lucas, a hot and protective guy who just can't stay off Bianca's mind. The book propels you into a typical YA setting, with the mean girls and hot guy and attempted love triangle. There is also the cheesiness of how Bianca feels a "magnetic pull" for the guy she likes. I mean geez, how many times have you heard that line before??? All it's cheeziness aside though, in the beginning of this book it just seems like any other teen book until you make an interesting discovery. Suddenly your in this super natural world. It's a bit unsettling at first and doesn't really flow with the beginning of the book but after you keep reading more, it's nice for the change and some interesting things happens. I like to see how different authors play with what they like their vampire world to be like. Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is definitely different from books like Twilight and Evernight. But it's entertaining to see each author's depictions of the vampire world.

There is not much to say about this book except for that it's a fun read, has loooovvvveee, and if your a fan of super natural reads, then Evernight is a book for you! I'm on to read the second book and I can't wait to see what happens to Lucas and Bianca's love story...

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars!
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