Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book of the Moment: Amplified by Tara Kelly

Title: Populazzi
Author: Tara Kelly
ARC: 293 pages
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Source: local bookstore friends
Interest: Synopsis


When privileged 17-year-old Jasmine gets kicked out of her house, she takes what is left of her savings and flees to Santa Cruz to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. Jasmine finds the ideal room in an oceanfront house, but she needs to convince the three guys living there that she's the perfect roommate and lead guitarist for their band, C-Side. Too bad she has major stage fright and the cute bassist doesn't think a spoiled girl from over the hill can hack it. . . . In this fresh new novel by critically acclaimed author Tara Kelly, Jasmine finds out what happens when her life gets Amplified.

My Thoughts:

You gotta love a good ol' book with a kick ass female main character who has a great sense of music and bad ass 'tude. That was exactly what I got from Amplified by Tara Kelly. I love YA books that do with the music business. I LOVE them. The characters always, always have a great story to tell. The passion that they exude is inspiring and makes you want to pick up a guitar yourself. Even if your musically inadequate like a certain someone... *cough* *cough*.

Jasmine Kiss, who by they way has the COOLEST full name ever, made me at times love her yet also made me want to cringe in annoyance. I loved how Jasmine didn't let anyone mess with her but there were times when she was just really harsh and her outlook on life seemed a little bleak. Maybe it's a tortured musician thing, I don't know. All the characters in the book had problems people could relate with, including Jasmine who's mother abandoned her when she was at a wee age.

The description of the songs that were played and the description of the characters were also stellar. Kelly did a great job of putting a good image in my head and I had a lot of fun reading Amplified. This book had a raw feel to it that seemed like the author put her heart and soul about music into this book.

Though I loved the passion behind the music in this book. I had not one clue about any bands stated in this book. It was "industrial rock" which makes some like me go blank. I'm more of a Muse, Florence + The Machine, and indie rock type of gal.

This is a great book and if you loved books like the awesome Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway, then your sure going to love this!

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