Monday, March 21, 2011

Book of the Moment: Ophelia by Lisa Klein

When I got done reading Ophelia by Lisa Klein, it literally left my breathless. The book takes many turns and twists that you are just dying to see what happens to the main character, Ophelia. This book is a re telling of the Shakespearean play Hamlet but through the eyes of Hamlet's lover, Ophelia. Ugh, I don't thick I will ever get tired saying Ophelia. Ophelia. Ophelia. The name is just gorgeous when it rolls out of your lips. Say it. Opheliaaaaa. Alright! Back to the book! As I was saying, this book is a re telling. But instead of seeing the action through Hamlet's eyes it's Ophelia. And let me tell you, I would rather see this play then the original. The books moves through her life as she grows and becomes smitten of Hamlet. The books shows the in depth and emotional feeling of love and lust that Hamlet and Ophelia went through. Ophelia is actually smart in this book and not the dim character most people make her out to be. In this book, Ophelia is the one, who in the end is the bravest of them all. Read this book! It is beautifully written and the Victorean language is so easy to understand. This is a book every girl should read. It really empowers you.

                                              I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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