Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book of the Moment: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

When I finished this entire book, I was literally giggling afterwords. Well, I giggled because when the book ends with such a WHAM, BLAM, SLAM, awesomeness, galore, I can't help but laugh to myself! Of course the movie, I Am Number Four was equally as fantastic. As for if the movie stayed with the book, I'd have to say the movie did very well. Sure there were some minor things that weren't consistent with the book, but really when is there ever a movie that stays completely consistent with the book? Anyways I personally thought the book was fantastic!

 If you guys haven't already seen the movie, this book is about a boy named John Smith who is really an alien from the planet Lorien. The Mogadoreans are an enemy planet, bent on getting rid of the Lorien people. They have this huge war on the planet of Lorien, completly destroying the planet's resources. So the some of the Loriens' decide to send nine Lorien children that are part of the Garde, which are the people who have certain powers called Legacies to Earth. Along with them, travels nine Cepan, who are basically guardians of the the nine Garde children. Those 18 Loriens are sent to Earth for the hopes they are not discovered by the Mogadoreans and can someday come back to Lorien to re populate and start civilization there once again. When they reach Earth though, they have to split up for it's the only way the charm of only getting killed in order of their number, can kill them. If they get together, the charm becomes broken.
 This book is the story of John Smith, who is Number Four out of the nine other kids. The first three are dead and John is next to be killed. So John and his Cepan, Henry move to Paradise, Ohio, where unexpected things happen and John finds out who he really is, what he's capable of, and ultimately, what his destiny is...

This book has love, action, thrills, and humor! My favorite! If you read the newer version of the book, in the back there is a sneak peak of The Power of Six and a Lorien Horoscope! Yes...there is even a Lorien horoscope! I'm what they call a Calin and my Legacies would be teleportation and energy sheilds. Awww yeah, pretty sweet...
Read this book and go see the movie because both are awesome and kick ass!
Not to mention, Alex Pettyfer is on the cover of the newer version of the book. Nice...

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars

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