Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Reviews Sum-Up Mash- Up!

Soooo it is finally May, the birds are a chirpin and it's time to break out the short shorts! But we can't move onto the new month without looking back at last month! I read a good 19 books in April and had a fantastic time doing so! So here, I am going to list all the books reviews that I did last month, so be sure to check out some of the older ones! I will tag this post as Book of the Moment so that you guys can check out the many reviews I've wrote before! Have fun :)

Ignore the quite frankly LARGE logo that is in the middle of my collage. Haha :P


  1. Hello, I enjoy reading all of your reviews, and I think it's wonderful that you're willing to write all this for us. Can you make a Fav list that lists all of your favorite books in order? I would definitely go and read all of those. =)

  2. Thank you! I would be happy to make a list of all my favorite books! But be warned...it might be REALLY long! Haha!


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