Monday, May 16, 2011

Book of the Moment: What Happened to Goodbye? by Sarah Dessen

What Happened to Goodbye is the amazing Sarah Dessen's newest novel written in Dessen's classic graceful writing!

Mclean Sweet has moved a total four time in the past two years with her restaurant saving dad. Her dad is assigned a job all over the country to rehabilitate restaurants that are are not doing so well and McLean has joined him ever since her mother cheated and then remarried to another man. At each school McLean takes on a different persona, from typical cheerleader, drama queen, to a student council all around "make the school a better place" type gal. But then McLean moves to Lakeview where her dad's newest challenge is Luna Blue, a place with wicked fried pickles, but is now going down the plumber.  All of a sudden, McLean some how actually goes by her real name for once and is starting to meet people that she actually cares about. Top on the list being Dave, the smart boy-next-door.  But is McLean willing to show her real self? Even when she doesn't even know who her real self is? After going through so many persona's, whats the point in being yourself? And there is always the fact that she could move anytime because of her dad's job, so whats the point? But McLean slowly discovers that maybe there is more to this new place this time and that maybe, just maybe, she truly is finding her self.

After actually seeing Sarah Dessen in person (OMG!!!) I was head over heels excited to start reading this book! This book is written in Sarah Dessen's true to form graceful and very realistic writing. It always surprises me how much her books can relate with me in any situation! It's so freaking realistic that it could happen to anyone! But it's definitely not in that boring realistic way that some books can be like. It's the kind of real that you can connect with and when you know that you will never have a vampire boyfriend or wake up to find out your a Shadowhunter, you can know that these situations are real. And maybe the happy ending is something you could strive for because it's actually something that could happen.

I absolutely loved the character McLean. She is like so many of the teen girls today, who are just trying to find an identity. Although her situation isn't as bad as one of Sarah Dessen's previous books, Dreamland (SO GOOD!), it's something that could happen to any girl. And that's why I like this book. I love how in the end McLean was able to figure her self and life out and come back strong. We need that in everyday lives!

This is the kind of book you would recommend to your daughter and her daughter and her daughter and so on and so forth. You learn so much from them! And it so good that it's not like one of those lame "coming into your teens" type book.

This was a terrific read and once again, I fall in love with yet, another one of Sarah Dessen books. I recommend this to all book lovers!

I give it a 5 out of 5 CHEWS!

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