Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sarah Dessen Book Signing Sum Up!

Oh my god, I still have jitters from breathing in the same room as the beloved Sarah Dessen. I just came back from the local bookstore where she was having her signing and I am STILL flippin out that I met her! I even raised my hand to ask a question! My questions was somewhere along the lines of,

 " your books are usually all different from each other, different plot lines and situations like for example Dreamland. Dreamland is different from any of your other books but I was also wondering how you get your inspiration to write up all these character's problems and how they eventually deal with them."

However, I did NOT sound all professional like this because I was stuttering a little bit and just the fact that Sarah Dessen was looking straight at me, made my mouth turn to mush. Well, it wasn't that dramatic but I was still flippin out in my head. But she was so kind at responding and really went deep on answering my question. She said something that I really liked and it was, again, somewhere along the lines of,

" I don't create situations to put my characters in. I create characters that have some kind of problem they have to deal with, but I really just create the character. Not the situation. The character just feels these problems on their own."

I know that's a little confusing, but I really wish I had a button in my head that could record everything she says, word for word, so that it actually sounds graceful like how she said it. Because I make what she said sound like crap and in truth she is SO AMAZING!

I love how she talked about how she was just a normal teen girl who married her high school sweetheart, who really just has a normal life is North Carolina. But she talked about how she can channel different people and different personalities into her writing so she can experience what her character experiane. Sarah Dessen was so kind, humble, and very funny about everything! She made sure every question she answered was thorough and very well answered! When I went up to get my book signed she said that she loved my question and she even joked that hopefully we don't get red eyes in our picture (which we sort of did, if you look closely!). She then proceeded to sign my book and was just so pleasantly talkative. It wasn't one of those awkward speechless moments like I had when the band Hey Monday signed my poster and I just stuttered my way through the line like some idiot. Ya. Nothing like that!

I absolutely LOVE Sarah Dessen and I hope all of you guys go to her What Happened to Goodbye? Tour if it's in your hometown! It's definitely worth it! :)

Me with my new signed copy of What Happened to Goodbye?

Sarah Dessen's autograph and personalized message! YAY! :)

Are any of you guys going to one of Sarah Dessen's book signings for her new tour?

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  1. I love all of Sarah Dessen's books! they are all amazing and they are not very similar. But in this one its about finding out who your truly are. Also her struggle with the divorce of her parents.fantastic read!


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