Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book of the Moment: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

The Demon King is the first in Cinda Williams Chima's thrilling and adventurous Seven Realms series!

Han is just another poor sixteen year old guy in the Fells, whose past life of thieving and criminal ism, risks being brought up again. Han lives in a world where there are powerful wizards and the Clans who only get along with each other by the thread of alliance through the Queen. When Han and his friend Dancer come across a trio of powerful wizards, Han gets his hands on the leader's powerful amulet. By doing this, series of events lead to devastating results for Han. Knowing that the powerful wizard is probably plotting someway to get the amulet back, the amulets seems to be starting problems. The unbreakable and irremovable silver bracelets that have been on Han's wrists ever since he can remember seem to glow every time he encounters the amulet or wizards. Puzzled about his future, Han walks a wobbly path to an unknown outcome to his life, this path not leading to any clear destination.

Enter Raisa, the princess heir to the Queendom of the Fells. Raisa has just gotten back from her three year time off at the warrior Demonai camp and feels suffocated by palace life. With her sixteenth birthday coming up, she is now eligible for marriage and has suitors raining gifts for her, in hopes of becoming her King. But the thread that is her mother who holds peace between the clans and the wizards is diminishing before Raisa's eyes and is putting out a huge danger. Something that could possibly be even worse than the Breaking. When it seems like the High Wizard might just have too much power over the Queen, Raisa must find help in her childhood friend turned corporal, Amon. And Micah, the High Wizard's son, who she shared intoxicating kisses and long walks with, may not be the guy she thought he was. Distrust and betrayal is hot in Raisa's life and she must fight her way through it.

When Raisa and Han's lives somehow come together for just one fateful night, everything changes and they have no idea what is really on board for their futures. With their land falling and crumbling apart and into the brinks of war, what will become of these two? Find out in this thrilling and exciting book by Cinda Williams Chima!

The beginning of the book starts off kind off slow and I was for a little bit, contemplating if I should keep reading this book or stop. Thank god I kept going, because it turned out to be such a fun little book! Actually not little at all, because the author has written a book so amazingly plotted and twisted with bumps of surprise and mystery weaved into every little chapter! It is very well written and the language is superb! This is a really good book for fantasy lovers and I think it's very real when it comes to romance. Most teen books depict two star crossed lovers, who are only right for each other and there are no other possible people to love. Yet in this book, it's more like real life. As a teen, you will always go through a bunch of guys or girls and your first "love" might not always be forever. I think the character Raisa is like that, and that there is no ONE guy she loves but she does tread through the sea of young men to see who's really there for her! Anyways, I appreciated that twist in this type of YA book! It's a fresh look at teen literature love stories!

Anyways this book is fantastic and I definitely recommend this to fantasy lovers of all sorts!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

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