Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blonde Josh Hutcherson!

OMG! Josh Hutcherson who is cast as our beloved Peeta in the Hunger Games movie seems to be sporting the new blond look! I personally love it! Josh makes such a good Peeta. His build, face, and especially with that new spanking hair makes him all that is Peeta! AHHHHH can't wait for the movie! What do you guys think?

Here is also a pic I found browsing on the web! Lemme just say...I LOVE IT!

Comment below with your opinions! :)


  1. ok, now he looks liek peeta...
    ha ha firt i thought he doesn't fit, but the hair really makes a differnce !!
    thanks for sharing =)

  2. I wish it was Lucas Till or Alexander Ludwig (our Cato) as Peeta. Or at least they could switch Liam and Josh's roles. I must say, though, Josh looks good in the bottom picture....

  3. Agree with Anonymous 1

  4. Ya,I was all for Lucas Till too! He had that Peeta charm in him! I'm not so keen on Liam being Gale but I will only decide when I watch the movie! However I think Josh is a good Peeta when it comes to acting chops which matter most!

  5. :O O my Gosh Darlin' This Epic Girlfriend Uhhuh yeee see y'all next time boyyy

  6. is that vanessa hudgens?!


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