Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book of the Moment: Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Stargazer is the second book in Claudia Gray's epic Evernight series, focusing on main character, Bianca who is "almost" a full vampire. Bianca was born to two vampires, something very, very rare and her parents and everyone seem dead set on Bianca becoming a full vampire. But whats the other choice? No body is willing to tell her...
Bianca fell in love with Lucas, who turned out to be a vampire hunter and is part of the Black Cross, an underground organization set on obliterating the vampire species. But since they fell in love with each other they end up deceiving their other loved ones with lies. Though Lucas fled Evernight Academy after being found out that he a Black Cross hunter, Bianca risks the wrath of the powerful elders at Evernight just to keep seeing Lucas. Things get riskier as they keep this going...
There is also an evil force that keeps attacking her school and especially targeting Bianca and she thinks what she has been told all her life has just a bit of a lie to it and there is so much more about herself that she must uncover...
This book has surprises and turns that you wouldn't even think of! What will become of our lovely almost vampire, Bianca and the love of her life, Lucas? Find out in Stargazer!

I have to say the first book didn't seem to uphold my taste in books but when I read Stargazer, the second book in the series, I changed my mind. In this book we get even more in depth on how much Bianca and Lucas love each other and the risks they are willing to take just to be together. It's truly romantic... ;)
It's a fun series so far and I'm already onto the third book, Hourglass. Ahhh can't wait to see what happens!!

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

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