Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book of the Moment: Torment by Lauren Kate

Torment is the second book in Lauren Kate's romantic and dark, Fallen series.
After Luce is finally re united with her century's worth angel/boyfriend, Daniel, she is again away from him and is now residing at Shoreline High School, hiding and blending in with the Nephilim kids there. The Nephilim are the off spring of an angel/human hookup, and Luce feels like odd one out. But Luce makes friends with the sweet Miles and the haughty Shelby and the three of them together, try to figure out Luce's past, her deaths, and the all the families she has left behind. It bothers Luce that Daniel is keeping secrets from her, secrets that could kill her but she is determined to figure out what her future is like, No one will control her or her future and that is made clear! And what if Daniel isn't the only guy in her life? What if she has other options...?
In this book we see teen angst filled Luce, figure out more of she is and who she was in her past and most importantly...whats her future....

Torment was hands down exciting!! I thought Daniel was a jerk at times but Luce just kinda pissed me off. She over thinks her situations! And she doesn't seem to appreciate what is right in front of her eyes! Umm...her uber hot angel boyfriend...? hellloooo?
This book was definitely more exciting than the first and your not under that veil of mystery the whole time, like the first book. Sure, your still unclear about Luce's past and all of the angelic stuff but it's a nice to know whats going on! I liked the incorporation of the Nephilim and it was cool to see how they had their own school! It makes you wonder what other surprises lay ahead in the Fallen series. The end is surprising and a major, pain full cliffhanger!!! I just can't to get my hands on Passion, the third book in the series!

 I give it a 4.5 out of 5!!

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