Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book of the Moment: Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce

Sisters Red is the captivating tale of two bad ass hunter sisters by the amazing writer, Jackson Pierce.

Rosie and Scarlett March are sisters and best friends. They only have each other. When they were young, a "werewolf" or what they call Fenris attacked Scarlett while she was trying to protect her younger sister, Rosie. Scarlett, now with only one eye and scars left from the attack, is dead set on killing every Fenris alive. Rosie and Scarlett have dropped what you would call a normal life and taken on the personas of a hunter, striving on killing the Fenris population. They think it's their duty to kill these things that prey on young girls,who, the prettier and younger...the better. Scarlett has this ambition more that Rosie though, yet Scarlett believes that their lives are only meant for the kill. But does Rosie? Then Silas, the youngest of a long line of woodsmen who are deadly with axes, comes back and re enters the lives if the sisters. Rosies starts falling in love with Silas but she must hide it because she can't let her sister know. Scarlett saved Rosie's life and for that Rosie must owe her, her life and not dilly dally on such things as love. But it's getting harder and harder for Rosie to resist.
There are more Fenris appearing everywhere and more young girls deaths along with it...
The trio of Rosie, Scarlett, and Silas must uncover the hidden secrets of the Fenris society. But with that comes a shocking revelation that might just change...everything.
In this dark, juicy modern fairytale-ish retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, we learn that you don't always have to be the one that has to get saved from that Big Bad Wolf. just got to save yourself...

OMYGOSH! Does this book sound amazing or does it sound amazing?!?! Well take my word, it is HOT! Yes I am using a Paris Hilton term, but baby when it comes to this book, it is red hot! I've never read anything like this. I'm a sucker for fairy tale re-tellings, but this one was truly bad ass. Who ever thought girls couldn't defend themselves is a dumbass, because clearly from this book, any girl can! Once again this book has my three favorites! Passionate love, kick ass action, and whole lot of drama! Mmmmm...who wouldn't love a book like that? Scarlett sometimes kind of pissed me off but I guess when someones get hacked to pieces like that from a stupid wolf, it does things to you! I really like the authors writing and I have to say I found a new author that I will definitely hop onto any new book Jackson Pierce writes! The imagery is outstanding! This book is definitely an awesome read!

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!


  1. I've been thinking about buying this and you've just tipped me over the edge to yes! Thank you!

    Beth @ A little sun shy

  2. This book sounds great! I'll definitely be reading it soon!

  3. thank you! and yes this book is definitely a good buy! :)


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