Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book of the Moment: Hourglass by Claudia Gray

Hourglass is the third book in Claudia Gray's spellbinding Evernight Series. Bianca, a girl who was born to two vampires and is an "almost" vampire has fled from Evernight Academy after it was attacked by the Black Cross, the underground organization of vampire hunters that the love of her life, Lucas, is a part of. Bianca escapes with Lucas and joins the Black Cross even though their is the risk that if they found out about her vampire genes and what she really has for breakfast, they will have no mercy to what becomes of Bianca. While hiding her true nature to everyone except Lucas, a tragic situation happens and her former "ex" and vampire friend, Balthazer is captured by the Black Cross members. Hiding what she is soon becoming harder than ever.  But after a while, Lucas and Bianca are on the run again but this time they've got Black Cross and some pretty angry vampires hot on their pursuit.  With all this happening, Bianca is going through some weird stuff her self. What could it be? It seems she like even if she keeps running, her destiny will keep coming after her...

Haha this book was grand! I was so shocked at the things that were happening through out the book. I was also consumed with envy of Bianca and Lucas's romance. The things they are willing to do for each other is The ending is a major cliff hanger though and I can't wait to claw my hands onto the next book, Afterlife! The book just came out last month so it's going to be a little tough getting my hands on Afterlife! If you read this series you too will be consumed by Lucas's and Bianca's love. The series literally gets better as it goes. Evernight was a 3.5, Stargazer a 4, and Hourglass is a FIVE! Loved it....
I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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